Places Visited

World Tour


  • Trip 1:  Dec 05 — from Austin, Texas by rental car to Beaumont, Texas say goodbye to my parents.

  • Dec 07 — by rental car to Kokomo, Indiana say goodbye to my sister.

  • Dec 10 — by car to Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Dec 11 — by plane (overnight) to Tokyo, Japan; by plane to Fukuoka; by car to Kurume City

    ...this was the official start of my world tour, and I departed the U.S. in one of the worst blizzards I've ever seen; I stayed in Japan while Kumiko settled her affairs (winding down her piano-teaching career), and prepared to move out of her apartment; and, of course, we had many visits with family and friends to say farewell.

  • Dec 16 — by car to Fukuoka; by plane to Okinawa
  • Dec 18 — by plane to Fukuoka; by car to Kurume City
  • Dec 29 — by car to Nagasaki
  • Dec 30 — by car to Kurume City
  • Dec 31 — day-trip (or rather night-trip) to Fukuoka see New Year's fireworks show.