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  • Trip 3:  Feb 03 — from Busan, South Korea by plane to Manila, Philippines

    ...another short vacation to a warm place between contracts.

  • Feb 05 — by plane to Cebu City
  • Feb 18 — by plane to Manila

    ...after a longer-than-usual stay in Cebu City. :)

  • Feb 23 — by plane to Busan, South Korea
  • Feb 24 — by high-speed ferry to Fukuoka, Japan

    ...for my third work visa!

  • Feb 26 — by high-speed ferry to Busan, South Korea start my second one-year contract (my first having lasted only four months - hehe).

  • May 28 — day-trip (by bus) to Kyoung-ju and back

    ...went with Minja and Sujin for the day at an amusement park; it was just so-so; I guess I've been spoiled by the really incredible rides at parks in the U.S.

  • Jul 29 — by plane to Incheon

    ...couldn't get a flight to Thailand from Busan; had to spend one night in Incheon (near Seoul); not very exciting.

  • Jul 30 — by plane to Bangkok, Thailand
  • Aug 02 — by night-train to Udon Thani

    ...even though it was my eighth visit to Thailand, this was my first time to go to the northeast; the plan was to stay in Udon Thani for a week or so, then go to Phuket, and perhaps Phi Phi; but as it was the rainy season, and I was so far from the islands, I decided just to hang out a while longer in Udon Thani.

  • Aug 17 — by plane to Bangkok
  • Aug 20 — by plane (overnight) to Incheon, South Korea; by plane to Busan

    ...because of a mix-up with my flight (which originally was direct to Busan), I spent Saturday night in the Bangkok airport, and finally arrived home at 10:30 Sunday night - after being awake for more than 40 hours; and I had to teach at 9:00am Monday morning.

  • Oct 22 — by train to Seoul visit my friend, Tom, from Germany.

  • Oct 23 — by train to Busan
  • Nov 17 — by high-speed ferry to Fukuoka, Japan

    ...Korean holiday, went to visit Kumiko.

  • Nov 19 — by high-speed ferry to Busan, South Korea