Places Visited

World Tour


  • Trip 5:  May 23 — from Austin, Texas by plane (overnight) to Taipei, Taiwan try another stint as an English teacher, this time in Taiwan (first time was in Korea).

  • May 26 — by train to Tainan
  • May 29 — day-trip (by train) to Taipei and back

    ...for an interview at a school.

  • Jun 23 — by bus to Kaohsiung; by plane to Hong Kong, China; by plane (overnight) to London, England unscheduled stop on my way to France.

  • Jun 25 — by train to Agonac, France; by car to Laudinie unscheduled stop on my way to France; after a month of searching (unsuccessfully, probably because of my VERY long hair) for a teaching job in Taiwan, I decided my heart just wasn't into teaching anymore; I got an email from friends in France who needed help moving out of their 12th century villa - so I went to stay with them for a while.

  • Aug 15 — by car to Agonac; by train to Paris

    ...I had to stay overnight on my way out of France in order to go to the US Embassy in the morning before my flight; while staying with my friends, I inadvertently washed my passport (in my pants pocket in the laundry), so I had to get an emergency replacement.

  • Aug 16 — by plane (overnight) to Bangkok, Thailand

    ...I planned to stay just long enough to apply for a permanent replacement passport, but would have to wait until Monday to go to the embassy.

  • Aug 18 — by bus to Pattaya were booked in Bangkok; decided to spend the weekend in Pattaya. ;-)

  • Aug 20 — by bus to Bangkok

    ...back to Bangkok to go to the embassy; the "turn-around" time on a new passport would be two weeks; decided *not* to stay in Bangkok all that time.

  • Aug 22 — by plane to Hong Kong, China

    ...a quick trip to China.

  • Aug 24 — by train to Shenzhen
  • Aug 26 — by train to Guangzhou
  • Aug 29 — by train to Shenzhen; by train to Hong Kong; by plane to Taipei, Taiwan; by train to Tainan visit Pia yet again. ;-)

  • Sep 10 — by van to Kaohsiung; by plane to Hong Kong, China unscheduled stop on my way to the Philippines. :(

  • Sep 11 — by plane to Manila, Philippines

    ...feels like coming "home". ;-)

  • Sep 12 — by bus to Angeles City
  • Sep 19 — by plane to Cebu City
  • Sep 21 — by high-speed ferry to Tagbilaran; by van to Alona Beach
  • Sep 24 — by van to Tagbilaran; by high-speed ferry to Cebu City
  • Sep 28 — by plane to Manila; by plane to Bangkok, Thailand pick up my new passport.

  • Oct 09 — by plane to Manila, Philippines; by plane to Melbourne, Australia

    ...another long, difficult trip; an overnight flight to Manila, where I hung out all day waiting for my evening departure (and all-night flight) to Melbourne; went there to be with Pao and spend some quality time writing my novel.

  • Dec 30 — by plane to Launceston, Tasmania; by bus to Hobart

    ...we rang in the new year in Tasmania, saw all the many sailboats that had competed in two sailing regattas (one from Sydney, the other from Melboune), and sampled all the delicious food on hand at the Taste of Tasmania festival.