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  • Trip 5:  Jan 18 — from Vientiane, Laos day-trip (by bus) to Udon Thani, Thailand and back
  • Feb 23 — by night-train to Bangkok, Thailand

    ...a short trip to Bangkok for a much-needed visit to the dentist; I had tried a dentist at the French clinic in Vientiane, but he was so much like a bull in a china shop that even a simple cleaning was a very unpleasant experience; I wasn't about to go to him for anything more serious than that.

  • Mar 01 — by night-train to Vientiane, Laos
  • Apr 12 — by van to Vang Vieng

    ...a nice little holday to Luang Prabang, with a stop-over in Vang Vieng on the way to and from.

  • Apr 13 — by van to Luang Prabang

    ...we timed this trip to Luang Prabang to coincide with Pi Mai Lao (Lao New Year) because it is just SOOOOO much fun there; we met up with Tou, one of Pao's friends who had recently moved there, and some other farang (foreigners) we met on the way; a great time was had by all.

  • Apr 17 — by van to Vang Vieng
  • Apr 18 — by van to Vientiane
  • Jun 16 — by night-train to Bangkok, Thailand

    ...a pit-stop in Bangkok for more dental work on my way to the Philippines to do some web development work with an American man living on the island of Palawan.

  • Jun 20 — by plane (overnight) to Manila, Philippines; by plane to Cebu City
  • Jun 25 — by plane to Puerto Princesa

    ...found a great guesthouse, with a very laid-back atmosphere and a great bunch of people who ran the place.

  • Jun 26 — by van to Binduyan

    ...this is where I stayed and worked for a few weeks, until I decided that the living/working arrangements just weren't right for me.

  • Jul 08 — by van to Puerto Princesa
  • Jul 09 — by plane to Cebu City

    ...took a break from Binduyan (and all the nasty little critters that were biting my legs morning, noon, and night) and escaped to Cebu (with a side trip to Malapascua with Pia).

  • Jul 10 — by bus to Daanbantayan; by ferry to Malapascua
  • Jul 12 — by ferry to Daanbantayan; by bus to Cebu City
  • Jul 19 — by plane to Puerto Princesa
  • Jul 20 — by van to Binduyan
  • Jul 28 — by bus to Puerto Princesa
  • Jul 29 — by plane to Manila; by plane to Bangkok, Thailand

    ...with my travel funds nearly exhausted, I decided I needed to return to the U.S. to "regroup"; wanted to go see Pao in Vientiane once more before leaving Asia for an unknown period of time.

  • Aug 01 — by night-train to Vientiane, Laos
  • Aug 08 — by van to Vang Vieng

    ...we made a weekend excursion to Vang Vieng for one last nice trip together before I left for the States.

  • Aug 09 — by van to Vientiane
  • Aug 17 — by night-train to Bangkok, Thailand

    ...back to Bangkok for the flight "home". :(

  • Aug 19 — by plane (overnight) to Austin, Texas