101 Things To Do*

* before I die


Go 4-Wheeling in the Rockies

Ok, I admit the above photo doesn't exactly show 4-wheeling, but this trip was before the days of digital cameras.  Back then, people were more selective about what they took photos of - not like now when we can all be snap-happy.  But at least the photo WAS taken in Colorado.

This was during a tour of the Western U.S. I did with a former girlfriend several years ago.  It was shortly after I purchase a Toyota 4Runner.  We had the back of the truck packed full of camping gear and mountain bikes sitting vertically on a rack on the roof.

We made a big loop - crossing the southern states first on our way to Yosemite National Park (California).  As we were leaving Yosemite, we found one of the giant redwood trees with a tunnel cut into the base of the tree.  We drove the truck through the tree - with the mountain bikes still mounted on the roof.

We headed up the Pacific coast, staying mostly on Highway 1, through Northern California, Oregon, and headed inland just before we reached Washington (we did make it just into Washington at the southeast corner).  On our way back to Texas, we passed through Idaho, Utah, and finally, Colorado.  This is where we spent more time than any other place.

We camped near Crested Butte and for the next several days, went mountain biking and four-wheeling all around the area.  It's the most rugged country I've ever been in - either on a bike or in an all-terrain vehicle - and its beauty is indescribable.