101 Things To Do*

* before I die

Animal Watching

Swim(?) with Dolphins

Okay, so I didn't actually swim with them, but they got close enough that I could almost touch them.  The encounter occurred near the end of my voyage from Hobart, Tasmania to Melbourne, Australia aboard Yoko, an 18m (52ft.) sailboat that had taken part in the Melbourne to Hobart yacht race.

But I think this experience was better than if I had visited one of the rather touristy places and paid money to swim with the dolphins in their "natural" environment.  To me, there's nothing natural about luring dolphins in close to shore with the promise of a regular food supply.  The dolphins that greeted us in Port Phillip Bay and swam along with the Yoko did so of their own free will.  It was the perfect end of a very special voyage, but that's another story (with photos and videos of the dolphins).