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Visit Michelangelo's David

I originally wrote this story just prior to starting my extended world tour.  At that time, I thought I had visited the real statue of David during my previous trip to Europe in January of 2000.  I realize now that I was still a rather naive traveler.  I remember wondering at the time why they would have such an important piece of artwork displayed in a plaza, exposed to the elements.

I know now that it was only a replica.  The original is safely tucked away in one of the many galleries in Florence - not only protected from theft, vandalism, and the elements - but also, behind closed doors, at which a rather exorbitant fee is extracted from you before you are allowed to pass.

But I have a funny story to relate about my original visit...  As I was standing in the square where the replica of David is, I noticed a group of Asian girls (I think they were Japanese).  One girl was standing about 12 meters in front of the statue and another was preparing to take her photo.

I noticed them for two reasons: first, they weren't in the place where other tourists usually pose for photos - they were much farther away from the statue.  Second, the girl that was posing was holding her hand out beside her, palm up, as if she was holding something in it.  The girl with the camera was crouched down, trying to position herself just right to line up the girl's palm with a certain part of the statue's anatomy.  And all the girls were giggling.

As I walked away, I found myself chuckling a bit as well...

Now, about the real statue.  Being a camera buff - and having this web site to post some of the many thousands of photos I've taken during my travels - I was quite disappointed when I found out that taking photos of the statue was not permitted.

Not to be deterred, however, I simply held my camera in my right hand with my arms crossed - so that it appeared as if I was just standing in a casual position viewing the statue.  Without looking in the viewfinder, I aimed the camera as best I could, and snapped off several shots as I walked around the room.

The results were not too bad, if I say so myself.  But you can judge for yourself...