101 Things To Do*

* before I die

Great Cities

Get a Taste of High-Fashion in Milan

As mentioned before, my list of 101-things-to-do before I die was originally created by the Discovery Channel.  In this category - Great Cities - they included some sort of activity to do in each city, probably to make it sound more interesting than simply saying "visit Milan" or "visit Paris".  But even though I intend to visit all of the cities on the list, I won't always do the activity that goes along with it.

Such was the case with Milan.  I had no intention of going to a fashion show while I was there - though if I could have arranged it, I'm sure it would have been quite interesting.  So instead of showing photos of models walking up and down a runway in a fashion show in Milan, I offer a few of the many photos I've taken of beautiful ladies around the world...