101 Things To Do*

* before I die

Great Cities

Dance a Waltz at the Vienna Opera Ball

This was another of the ones where I was happy to visit the city, but I wasn't the least bit interested in the activity that was suggested along with it.  I mean, me?... Dance a waltz?  You must be joking!?!

But we did see and do quite a lot while we were there, including a visit to Hofburg (above photo), as well as:

St. Stephens Cathedral

...which is even more impressive on the inside.

Plague Column

Touring the city on our bikes
(before they were stolen in Amsterdam).

Strolling the many pedestrian streets
to see the local wildlife.

...stopping as often as we could at the
local eateries to sample the wide
variety of desserts.  Yum!

And, finally, a day at an amusement park.