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Science and Nature

See a Tornado or HurricaneAnd Live To Tell About It

When I was very young - a couple of months shy of my fifth birthday, to be exact - Hurricane Carla hit the Galveston coast and moved inland.  That was back when ALL hurricanes were named after women - which, considering how temperamental and unpredictable hurricanes can be, is as it should be.  Of course, "inland" is where I was living at the time with my mother and sister.  Carla was one of the strongest hurricanes to make landfall in Texas up until that time and for some years afterward.  The thing that was most amazing about Carla was how far "she" made it inland - all the way to the top of the Great Lakes, dumping a LOT of rain along the way.

My mother was working at a hospital then, so that's where we rode out the storm.  I remember her taking me and my sister down a long corridor in one wing of the hospital, and holding us both very tightly as she opened the exit door to let us get a good look at the storm.  There's nothing specific to see with a hurricane, not like with a tornado, but I remember how black the sky was - even though it was not quite dusk yet.

In any case, since I am still here to write about it, I certainly "lived to tell about it". ;-)