101 Things To Do*

* before I die

Sports Fantasy

Learn to Water Ski

I learned to water ski when I was 12 - and loved it from the very beginning.  Well, I didn't really enjoy it when a snake (a water moccasin, perhaps?) swam across my ski rope about halfway between me and the boat just as I was about to start off, but that only happened the first time.

I know the photo above shows me knee-boarding, not water-skiing, but somehow I ended up with no photos of me skiing.  Also, you might notice that I'm a bit younger in the photos on this page.  It's definitely a young man's sport, though I did get to do it once during one of my early visits to Thailand, when I was in my late 40s.  The photo below shows me halfway through a 360 spin on the knee-board.

And this is what I used to ski behind - a 22-foot (almost 7m) MasterCraft, powered by a 300hp Corvette engine.  But that was before I sold everything to travel the world. ;-)