101 Things To Do*

* before I die

Ultimate Rides

Go Snowmobiling

photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

I've experienced this exciting activity during several ski trips to Colorado and Utah.  I must admit, the above photo is not me (as all my snowmobiling experiences were before the days of digital cameras), but I have been airborne similar to what's depicted in the photo. ;-)

My most memorable time was in Crested Butte, Colorado.  Along with my friend, Ken, we scheduled an afternoon ride up to a ski lodge that is only accessible by snowmobile or snow-cat.  As it turned out, we were the only two "guests" for that particular trip, so our two guides were able to push the speeds higher, and allow us to have more "play time" than they could with larger groups, or groups with families or couples.  What a great time we had!