Births On My Birthday

Births on November 26
Year Name Notoriety Died
1792 Sarah Moore Grimke Antislavery advocate; women's rights advocate 1873
1832 Mary Edwards Walker Physician; women's right leader; only woman to receive Medal of Honor 1919
1832 Louisa May Alcott Author (Little Women)  
1876 Willis Haviland Carrier Inventor (first practical air conditioner) 7 Oct 1950
1894 Norbert Wiener Mathematician; linguist; philosopher; discovered cybernetics 18 Mar 1964
1895 Bertil Lindblad Swedish astronomer; discovered Milky Way system  
1899 Bruno Hauptmann Criminal; electrocuted for kidnap-murder of Lindbergh infant 3 Apr 1936
1905 George Emlyn Williams Actor/playwright (David Copperfield)  
1911 Samuel H. Reshevsky Polish/US chess grandmaster  
1913 Frederick Mellinger Entrepreneur; founded Fredericks Of Hollywood 2 Jun 1990
1918 Patricio Aylwin President of Chile (1990-94)  
1919 Frederik Pohl Sci-fi author; winner of three Hugo awards  
1922 Charles M. Schulz Cartoonist; created Peanuts comic-strip 12 Feb 2000
1925 Linda Hunt Actress (Bostonians, Eleni, Silverado)  
1931 Adolfo Perez Winner of the 1980 Nobel Peace Prize  
1933 Robert Goulet Singer, stage actor  
1937 Boris Borisovich Doctor; cosmonaut (Voskhod I)  
1938 Rich Little Impressionist; actor; comedian; does over 200 characterizations  
1938 Tina Turner
[Anna Mae Bullock]
Hall of Famer; singer; songwriter; dancer; actress  
1945 John McVie Rock bassist; member of Fleetwood Mac  
1956 Doug Fowler Adventurer, juggler, world-traveler, entrepreneur, author (of this web site)