Deaths On My Birthday

Deaths on November 26
Year (age) Name Notoriety Born
1807 (62) Oliver Ellsworth Third Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (1796-1800) 29 Apr 1745
1829 (67) Bushrod Washington Supreme Court Justice, George's nephew 5 Jun 1762
1836 (80) John Loudon McAdam Invented the macadamized road construction method, originally created with three layers of crushed stone, which only later included a layer of asphalt 21 Sep 1756
1883 (96) Sojourner Truth Evangelist, civil rights leader, feminist, women's & black's rights 18 Nov 1787
1885 (71) Thomas Andrews Chemist, physicist, established the concepts of critical temperature and pressure and showed that a gas will pass into the liquid state, and vice versa, without any discontinuity or abrupt change in physical properties; also proved that ozone is a form of oxygen 19 Dec 1813
1896 (72) Benjamin Apthorp Gould Astronomer, his star catalogs helped fix the list of constellations of the Southern Hemisphere 27 Sep 1824
1915 (57) Washington Atlee Burpee Botanist, developed lima beans, founder of world's largest mail-order seed company 5 Apr 1858
1926 (71) John Moses Browning Inventor, designer of small arms and automatic weapons, best known for his automatic rifle 21 Jan 1855
1938 (70) Flora Disney Mother of Walt Disney  
1939 James Naismith Created the game of basketball  
1956 (51) Tommy Dorsey Jazz musician, bandleader, trombonist, songwriter, Big Band leader; sold more than 110,000,000 records - [died on the day I was born] 19 Nov 1905
1965 (62) William "Wild Bill" Elliott Movie actor 15 Oct 1903
1970 (93) B. O. Davis Sr. First black general  
1973 Albert DiSalvo Boston strangler (was stabbed to death)  
1986 (76) Scatman Crothers Actor (The Shining)  
1990 (94) Fung Yu-Lan Chinese philosopher; 20th-century legend 4 Dec 1895