Doug Learns A(nother) New Trade

Earlier in my list of milestones, I mentioned that I learned a new trade – that one being hair-wrapping.  Well it was never really intended to be a real trade for me – especially since I knew I'd never be fast enough at it to actually make any serious money.

But now I have learned a real live actual trade that enables me to work, legally, in virtually any country in the world.  I am now certified to teach English as a foreign language.  The school I attended was TEFL International in Phuket, Thailand.  It's a well-run school with a good reputation.  If you're considering a teaching career, however short-lived it might be, I can highly recommend this school.

It consisted of four weeks of intense classes, homework, and teaching practice – but it was fun and exciting, and I made lots of new friends.  Here I am on graduation day with all my fellow teachers...

And here are some shots of the subsequent night out celebrating our successful completion of the course, with food and drinks galore...

Anna, Faye (Thai), Orn (Thai), Rekha, Joe

I know two of the three girls in the next photo appear to be Thai, but they are actually Filipinas and are two of my fellow-teachers.

(gay) Brian, Tina, Roziel, Angela, (bald) Brian

And, finally, Joe shows us what happens when you start partying a bit too early in the evening and run out of gas before the night is done...