The Counter On The Camera Reaches 5000

This is photo number 5000.  And there's a funny story that goes along with it...

Throughout our trip, there were times when I would hand the camera over to Kumiko so she could snap a shot of me.  I noticed that she didn't always hold the camera straight when taking photos (with the small, dimly-lit screen on the camera, sometimes it's difficult to see the image clearly).

So I showed her how to pick out something vertical in the image and line up the edge of the frame with that object.  On her first attempt to take the above photo, the "vertical" object she chose was the tower itself.  So it came out straight, and everything else was leaning.  Fortunately, we can review each photo we take and reshoot if necessary – which we did in this case.

Here's her original shot...

No more leaning tower!