Where's Doug?

My Philosophy...

On travel...
Be spontaneous,
be adventurous,
but above all,
be courteous.
On life...
It's never too late
to have a happy
On packing...
It's better to have it
and not need it,
than need it
and not have it.
Countries Visited Distance
First visits: 55 464,919 miles
Return visits: 141 748,055 km
Number of Days
(since 05-Dec-2000)
(in US dollars)
Traveling: 7266 $183,279 total
In the US: 1266 $25 / day

Quote of the Day

A Puritan's a person that pours righteous indignation into the wrong things.

— G. K. Chesterton

The NEW Doug Chronicles

...A Work In-progress

The NEW Doug Chronicles

This is the totally revamped version of my personal corner of cyberspace.  I'm still working to get all the pages moved over to the new site.  [I couldn't believe how much I had written in the original site.]  Anyway, the options you see here are what's been done already.  Other things will be added as I can get to them.  I hope you enjoy browsing and reading.

My Office(s)

Just Another Day At The Office

My Office(s)

Here are a few photos of my various "offices"  The photo at left was on a beach at Koh Phayam off the west coast of Thailand.  What can I say... it doesn't suck!  ;-)

Doug Gets Lei'd In Moldova

(not as fun as it sounds)

What a great name for a mall in Moldova!

I'll be adding an entry to my Things I've Learned page about this one, which is...  just because countries are neighbors, it doesn't always mean they accept each other's currencies.

Christmas in Thailand

A Rather Unique Experience!

Christmas in Thailand

Ok, so this is a bit late (I'm posting this in Aug, 2011), but maybe it will help all my friends back in Texas think "cool" thoughts while enduring temperatures of 100 to 120F (38 to 48C).  This was Christmas 2010, with rather warm temps there at the time.  That's one thing that made it a bit strange, though I guess people in Australia and New Zealand are used to having balmy Christmas weather.

Beautiful Dubrovnik

Wonderful Old-town

Dubrovnik, Croatia

I had no idea what to expect as I headed for Croatia. Little did I know I would find what has turned out to be probably the best preserved (or, rather, restored) Old Town I've seen so far in my travels.