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The Card Game

Or "Wanna Meet My Daughter?"

photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

It was my last week in the Philippines before going to South Korea to find a teaching job.  I was walking through Angeles City, minding my own business, when a Filipino man approached me and extended his hand as he greeted me with a smile.  He was quite distinguished looking, well-dressed, and I guessed his age at around fifty.

The Celebrity

(It's not just my imagination!)

The Celebrity

Throughout my first two visits to China, totaling more than five months, I received quite a lot of attention — mostly in the form of staring.  So much so that I began to feel like some sort of celebrity.  Or at least I started to understand how celebrities must feel, being stared at everywhere they go.

The English Languish

The most difficult language to learn!

The English Languish

"England and the United States are two
countries separated by a common language."

So the saying goes.  And I found out how true it is while I was dating an English woman a few years ago.  But the difficulties presented by the minor differences between our two versions of English pale by comparison to those I experienced dating someone for whom English is a second language.